Out door climbing towers

Cat pole

Is this you’re first out door cat climbing tower, then the cat poll is right for you. Not to large or expensive it makes for a great first purchase.


At 4 foot tall with 3 easy to reach steeps, the helps build your cats confidence yet still provide excitement and exercise for your cat.


Watch tower.  
A favorite with many cat owners, especially for ones with a number of cats, with its large steps which doubles as a comfy seat.  
With its penthouse viewing platform its sure to be the favorite lookout place for your cat 



Sky tower.

At just over 6 foot tall this is our tallest climbing tower, and is only for the most active cat. 

With 5 steeps leading up to the large sunning platform it will satisfy even the most inquisitive of cats and at 6 foot tall they will have that all important view over there domain