Welcome to the 10th !!! yes, 10th page of customer photos. please do keep send in the photos, we do love to see them

Hi Dave and Vicky,

Just an email to say thanks for making a wonderful tower for our cats. They love it!


Two stunning cats enjoying their new penthouse cat frame , that allows them to be up high, but with the no roof access option , make the frame safe for use in an enclosed garden.

carol smith had this to say about our frames "I had this delivered yesterday I think it’s a hit !"

What a great cat tree! Here are some of my cats trying it out and loving it!

When the sun starts moving round to back midafternoon some cats too lazy to walk through to main enclosure and more choice of your climbers.

But this was the purpose of this climber in first little enclosure which catches afternoon sun by back door. Blackie on top with Taff in middle and Malibu lower level. All fairly recent additions to family - all former sad lives but not now

Gillian, got in touch. looking for a gift for her cats, who are just coming out the other side of a run of ill health. glad to say the Catanooga Choo Choo fit all the boxes and has been received so well by her cats. 

Hi Dave and Vicky

Arrived yesterday and it’s a hit!  Took loads of photos, just trying to decide which ones to send to you.  

Hi Dave,

Attached are some pictures. My cats absolutely love their climbing frame and at least one of them is on it nearly all the time.

Thank you for making my happy cats even happier!

Best wishes, 

A bespoke build and a few custom wall shelf's, and two very happy cats. 

A few photos of today's delivery, sadly the cats was very shy of us and kept away, but was watching with interest. but had the feeling that once we was out the way, they would be all over the new toys. 

Coco's palace if 8ft high, but you would not believe it from this great photo angle.


The photo does make me smile, typical cat logic, all those beds and they fight to be on the same one. Lol.


Thank for the photo Tara

Hi David,

My tower arrived on Monday it's great my two love it. Attached is a photo of them exploring it XXX

Cheers Trish

Debbie says "Thank you so much, it’s actually amazing! All 7 of them have been up the top but Mack has claimed it for his own! It’s so well made, now deciding what to have next time . "

Photos just in from the Rohese Cattery based in East Sussex who have just fitter out one of their top of the range chalets with one of our Catanooga Choo Choo's.

As you can see the first guest is checking it out.


A few photos of a custom build delivered today, to be used as a hide out with a number of exits , to give a bullied cat a new found freedom.

Here we can see teddy giving his new safe house its first inspection. It passed with flying colours. 

A few photos from today's delivery, two big foot sky ladders joined with a long walk way plank.

The cats was soon (after a good sniff) racing up and down the frame, and enjoying every moment of it. great enrichment in their protectapet protected garden.

a great photo of the castle frame being enjoyed by 4 rag dolls , the customer was a little worried if the frame would be big enough for her Raggie's.

i think the photo confirms just how happy she (and the cats)are with the frame.she said it was "great shot of my older Raggie (well 20 months) jumping off. They love the tree & would thoroughly recommend them"

A local delivery today. So get the chance to deliver the frame our self's and meet Casper.

But not his sister, who was having nothing to do with us. Lol. 

Safe to safe Casper was very impressed with his new frame.

 Few photos from today's delivery.

Safe to say it was a hit from the start, and we had cats on the frame all the time we was assembling the CoCo's Palace.

** Warning Cuteness Overload Incoming. **

Hi David, now that we’ve had the tower a couple of weeks, our cats are settling into using it regularly.


We thought you might be interested in a couple of photos of two of our blind rescue cats Monty and Precious on the castle, which are attached. Please feel free to use them on your website if you like.

The first photo's of the 

Catanooga Choo Choo

being inspected by their new owners are starting to come in. looks like we are on to a winner here 

photo just in from a customer, with just the one word and a photo,


we think she and the cats are very happy with the pyramid frame.



It arrived safely on Thursday, thanks.


As you can see from the attached it (play tunnel) is already in use, and a previous purchase (watch tower) is still very much in use!


Best wishes



A few photos from today's delivery.

Photos from outside of the enclosure, as the cats was a little nervous around people, but they was soon exploring the new royal mews.

Photos just in from Nomi , "The Persians and Baz the exotic approve! and The Devon’s love the cat tree, thank you!"

photo just in from Lesly

The boys are loving their new climbing frame in their new secure protectapet garden Thank you so much.

Cookie enjoying his new toys. Jade still to be convinced! Need to extend pen now

llona say, Catio was done yesterday & I'm trying to get a decent pic of her on the tower, but you know cats 

she jumps up to top & I edge up for photo & she legs it.

It's all very new to Phoebe, but loving the extra dimension to her life!

Tree arrived today, many thanks. 

Cats just checking it out, think it gets their approval.

Best wishes

Photos just in from a customer, of a bespoke build we made for them.

They wanted a high rise harries, but in a multi cat house there is some dominance issues. So wanted the back left off the hang out so there was an escape path.

As we make each frame from scratch we was happy to build the frame to the customer requirements.

And as you can see, it is a great hit with the cats.  

Millie and Star enjoying their new Pyramid!

Safe to say the new widow stepper is doing exactly what it says on the tin,

The customer is having new windows fitted with a cat flap included and wanted a safe platform for the cat to sit on as he was used to having the window open, now he is used to the window stepper they are ready to have to windows fitted. 

Hello Dave,
I received a text last night to say my cat tower was on it’s way, along with your email to let me know it had been dispatched and a link on how to look after it etc. Well, it has arrived, been unpacked and I’m absolutely delighted with it. It’s fabulous!! It looks great in my garden and my girl has already been onto the top platform. I think she will really love it once she’s got used to it. I will tie some feathers to it as she is rather partial to playing with feathers, but alas she’s indoors now as it’s very windy and she’s not a fan of wind. But as soon as it’s drier I’m sure she will sit on the top platform and purvey her surroundings and chatter to the birds flying over head. 100% pleased with it...

Hi David,
We have now unpacked and treated our cat tower, or should I say Sasha's cat tower, as she has laid claim to it with gusto. We are very pleased with it and the cat loves it. Here’s a couple of photos as she is investigating. Thank you

Kind regards