Mixing the photo style up a little, 
hope you like it. 

Hi Dave 

It’s taken an absolute age but today I finally managed to capture a shot of all three cats on the tree. 

They all love it and are on it all the time but they usually get on there altogether when I’m not in position to grab a snap but today I was in luck. 

Thanks again for such a wonderful product.

Hi Dave 

I hope you are well. Thank you for your email  

We are so pleased with the cat tower! My cat loves playing and relaxing on it. We were really impressed with the craftsmanship as well.  

Thank you very much. You have a happy customer here 😊 

Have a lovely day  

All the best,


They love the

High Rise Harry




They become very playful ❤️

Hi Dave 

Our cats are loving your climbing tree, and it has been a big success. Quality and set up. 

Thank you


Hey Dave! 

The two of my cats adore the tower! It lives inside near the back door with a cat bed on top

and it's regularly occupied by at least 1 of them during the day. It's a perfect spot for bird watching. 

Thank you again for being so awesome and offering this cat tower for the Kitty Gardens event! 

-Many purrs and happy biscuit making

-Chris, Dart, and Nuka

Hi David,

Just to confirm that the cat frame has been given the thumbs up, it is absolutely perfect and in constant use.

Thank you so much for a great service!  

Best wishes, 


Hi David 

Thanks for the email.

My 6 cats love their climbing tower. I have had several off you over the years and never once been disappointed. They are well built and made to last. I wouldn't buy from anyone else.

Definately thumbs up from me and my fur babies 

Many thanks 


Hi Dave, 

It's our second of your cat frames that we bought for our cat Maya and she absolutely loves it!  It took a bit of time for her to get use to it and learn she can jump to the top but now she's straight up there out in the garden and loving being nearer all the birds flying past! 

Thank you so much for creating such fab products. 

Kind regards,


Hi Dave 


Thank you so much for your email. 

Let me just explain my situation … I run a cat rescue shelter on the farm. However, I’m so bogged down with strays I have capped it and allowed my beloved cats the free roaming of the farm. Plus I had a beautiful complex built with different rooms for each different needs of the cats. They are very damaged moggies subjected to cruelty or harsh handling. None of them like men. I have various places for them to climb but let me just say that your products are amazing for them. The castle. The tower etc. I just wish I could have more. But nevertheless I will be back soon. As soon as I unpack your fantastic pieces, they are on them with great delight. 


Please keep in touch and thank you once again for contacting me. I really appreciate it. 


Many Thanks 



Hi Dave and Vicky , the boys both love the sky ladder you built to size to fit our cat run. The older tower we got from you a few years ago is a firm favourite.  We put the new tower at the other end of cage and put a plank of wood underneath both of them to make a walkway for them. We also purchased the pyramid from you too and that is well used. Photos of Dougal and Dylan to follow. Thank you and your wife for great service over the years. Dougal and Dylan use all frames every single day. 😻🐈 🎃

Hi, Otis straight out exploring his new “toy”


He was going frantic watching us unwrapping it!


Thank you so much it’s a great sturdy frame.

I know it’s not the best picture, but yes the cats are enjoying the high rise Harry and the tunnel. If I win the lottery I would buy loads more.