Hi Dave and Vicky

Thanks for delivering our brilliant cat climbing tower today. It didn’t take Stannis long to get used to it. He can get out the garden a lot easier now and it’s fits great in the corner. We all look it. 


Thanks again Nanette,Scott and Stannis 

Hi Dave the cats love the towers and use them all the time. Here are some pics of Bunny enjoying the sunshine today! 😻


Best wishes 

Hi Dave and wife, the boys both love the cat tower you built to size to fit our cat run. The older tower we got from you a few years ago is a firm favourite. We put the new tower at the other end of cage and put a plank of wood underneath both of them to make a walkway for them. We also purchased the pyramid from you too and that is well used. Photos of Dougal and Dylan to follow. Thank you and your wife for great service over the years. Dougal and Dylan use all frames every single day. 😻🐈 🎃

(stock photo)

Our 7th piece from you and extremely pleased as usual as are the cats. Can't beat the workmanship. This piece will  be as well used  and loved as our others. (Our first cat climbing tower is I think 9 years old now and still in use daily). Being so long lasting these pieces are an investment in my cats well being and happiness. Thanks so much from Huxley,  Shadow,  Sparky and me Trixie  xxx

Hi Dave


Thanks for your email.  Yes we are delighted with the Play Tunnel we bought for Maxie. He loves to perch and shelter in it. He loves to be outside and when it rains he sits inside the tunnel! 


We've had it since October and it's stood up very well to the storms, wind, rain and frost we've had here in Wales! It still looks like it's fresh out of the box.


Thanks again for such a great product! Wishing you continued success in 2024.


Best wishes 


Hi Dave

I have 6 items from you, just a couple of pictures showing some of them.

The cats love them, the first ones are about 4/5 years old now and still going strong, the latter just a couple of months ago.

Regards, Jo  

Finally dry enough for the cats to explore their new penthouse for the first time 😻😻

Hi Dave 

Our cat Stannis is very happy with all his climbing frames. It’s all looking great and will be ordering him more after Christmas. His only problem is having to chase all the other local cats off it ! 

Hi Dave

Good to hear from you.

I am a big fan of small run family businesses, which is why I was happy to find the products made by your company.

I have two Ragdoll cats and they are definitely both enjoying the cat frame (see attached pics).

Hope all is well in your world and wishing you much success.

Best wishes


Dear David 

I was delighted with the cat tower and Millie enjoys sitting on the top watching the birds.  The scratching posts have a good workout as well lol. 

It arrived well packaged and I was really pleased with it being fully assembled . It’s weathering in well .

Best Wishes


wow what a great birthday present his own royal mews, 

asked if we could delivery on his birthday, we was happy to oblige   

Hi Dave

Thanks for your email. 

Ted loves his watch tower. He is not allowed out out as he is FIV+ and could infect neighbouring cats if he got into a fight with them. I had a catio built for him. On the left there are shelves so he can sit on the top shelf and 'judge' my neighbours, which thankfully they think is funny. 

Since the arrival of his watch tower he now can check out what is happening to the right of the garden. My neighbours on that side can see Ted and have a chat with him. More importantly he can keep tabs on the whereabouts of Sooty and Polly. If he is not perched on the very top he is lazing on the wide ledge below. 

Despite being very lazy he is quite springy and usually chooses to jump up to the top or jump from a shelve onto the watch tower. Recently, though, he has started to use the steps. He still prefers the door frame to using the scratch posts, but he will learn. The photonic from this evening. It is still raining but not as hard as before so Ted is surveying his kingdom, but staying dry. 

Ted doesn't care but I am pleased with how sturdy the structure is. It doesn't wobble when he lands on it and the recent wind and rain has had an effect on it.

Thanks again, it is great.

Hi Dave 

I love the cat tower and so does Frank. I have to say, compared to most cat trees/towers you can buy online, yours is very sturdy and obviously well made.

I bought it for Frank as he is now an indoor cat who has his own space as he can’t live with other cats - he’s very greedy, eats everyone else’s food (even the dogs) and is therefore quite overweight. He won’t use a running wheel so I wanted to get him something that would at least make him move a little bit. He loves climbing the tower and watching everything going on outside from the top.

I’m definitely considering more of your products for my other cats.

Will add some photos of Frank for you, please feel free to use them if you wish.

Best wishes


Sox (top) and Angel on the High Rise Harrys this morning

Hi Dave 

Good to hear from you. 

I am a big fan of small run family businesses, which is why I was happy to find the products made by your company. 

I have two Ragdoll cats and they are definitely both enjoying the cat frame (see attached pics).

Hope all is well in your world and wishing you much success. 

Best wishes


Absolutely fabulous cat climbers, fantastic service & lovely genuine people. I cannot recommend highly enough. If my 4 cats could write they would be telling all their furry cousins how lucky they are!!

Hi Dave and Vicky

Just to let you know we have received our play tunnel. Absolutely delighted thanks. Maxie has enjoyed exploring it,  although in true cat fashion, had to explore the box first! Hopefully pic attached 

Many thanks


Thank you so much.  

It only took our cat 5 minutes to jump up and enjoy the frame. 

She has used it nearly every day. 

it is a Luna approved product…and my cat is one of the pickiest felines I’ve ever met.

Hello Dave Thank you for your message Here are our latest fur-babies enjoying the Royal Mews  which I bought from you quite a few years ago We recently ordered the litter tray corner as an addition We are really pleased Thank you so much for your attention Best regards Jay

Hi Dave

Thanks so much for your message. The product is really wonderful it looks great on my balcony and little Beverley ( my cat) loves to climb and look out,

Here’s a pic….. she runs down as soon as I get to near!!

Hi Dave 

My cats love them! Both towers arrived on schedule and free of damage (they were well wrapped, as promised on your website!). They are both very good quality and solidly put together. Perfect! 

When the customer has a CoCo's  palace and 4 tier, that there cats love so much they fight over top spot, only one thing to do, order another CoCo's  palace and 4 tier .


They are the same size , one is just closer then to the other .



Hello David 

Yes my old girl (20) loves her outdoor place.  She feels safe as up high and goes inside the cat tree when its get very hot or a bit damp. 

Given her a new lease of life as she wasn’t comfortable finding walls and fences or even garden chairs (other cats might jump up) to lounge on.  

Hi Dave,

The Watchtower is going down really well, especially with this hot weather we’ve been having, they’ve just been hanging out at the top watching out for pigeons and the squirrel!! 

Earl & Ember think it’s fantastic that they can sit on the top and watch what’s going on in next doors garden 😂. 



(Stock photo)

Hi Dave - Thank you for your email. It was lovely to hear from you. 

We have three cats and all are enjoying the tower to peer over the fence and generally spy on our neighbours. Thank you for the care and craftsmanship to send us something so well made and with the customised tweak to the height we needed as well.  


Ps… I’ve also attached a picture of two of the three cats using the tree!

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your message. As you can see, my two Maine Coons, Ziggy and Ollie are very happy with their cat frame.

Thanks very much, Kind regards, P

Morning David  

The frame is fabulous. My 3 cats love it. They’re often fighting to sit on the top, slept on the bottom section when suns out for shade. 

Can’t thank you enough. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought.  

Kind regards  


I think this is a good review, (it gave me a good laugh anyway)  


He's 15 years old and hates life, so as expected, he's given me the "why did you bother, you twat?" look. 

He only goes on it if I put him on it, and in this context, he tolerates the inner compartment. 

As for me, I'm happy with it. 

Hi, Dave,

 I am delighted with the cat tree. The quality is wonderful.

My 2  have explored the tree and enjoy sitting at the bottom. Its currently on my decking, I intend to move it further down the garden for them, in a more secluded area.

I attach a couple of photos :)

I would definitely recommend your products!

Many thanks 


Do my frames last ???

Well my customer tend to think so, 7 years of daily use, and still looking like new !!


shared with permission 

Hi just received the play tunnel and it all looks great together. Stannis loves it all. Will definitely order again from you , very good quality.

Thanks N, Scott and Stannis x

Don't worry, he was soon exploring his new frames

Hi Dave, We are really delighted with the quality of our cat tower made from solid materials and carefully constructed. One of our cats loves to look out over the garden fence so I wanted to get him a tower tall enough so he could survey his kingdom with ease.

 I also wanted it to be suitable for one of our foster cats who has mobility challenges and is less agile. We went for the 'watch tower' and we are so pleased with it! It has been the perfect choice- it has plenty of levels so cats of all abilities can make their way to the top without any problems! 

A lot of consideration has gone into the design of the tower and it has been very well received by all of our cats! A fantastic addition to our cat proofed garden, allowing both our own cats and our foster cats to get the most out of their outdoor space! Thank you! 

When you ascend to the top of the 8ft tower, only to find your brother has beaten you to the top and posing for a selfie

Thank you so much for our cat steps which are so grand we think they might be the 9th wonder of the world.  

My cat (Boj) has adapted to them really quickly and is able to easily use them to get in and out of his window cat flap. 

That means I no longer have to get up a 2am (3am,4am...) to let him in out and in again. And has proved you can teach an old cat new tricks.

 So Boj is happy, I'm happy, we're all extremely happy!

Thank you !!!!

Please find photos attached of Boj on his steps this morning

Hi David. 

Thanks for the email. The product is first class. Cats love it.



This is Don, Don enjoying his Royal Mews.

 He deserves royal treatment after his ordeal in April.

He was known as 'London Cat' at the vets where I work, as 1st information was that that's where he came from. This boy travelled from Chessington, Surrey, to Norwich, Norfolk in a very uncomfortable way! Don Don climbed up into the engine bay to avoid humans, and clung on for dear life for about 3 hours. He suffered severe burns all over, his pads were nonexistent and there were other burns all over his body. 

He endured 4 weeks in hospital, with daily drugs and anesthesia's to address his pain and dress his wounds. He so deserves this amazing Royal Mews, and he absolutely LOVES the frame. With quality construction and proper materials. Dave and Vicky were absolutely brilliant, travelling a 350 mile round trip to install this amazing piece of kit. They were troopers and got in with the job, and happily stood aside so I could take Don Don away on his harness. I can't thank you both enough, and I would never use anyone else for a cat climbing tower! 💚X


Your cat climbing tower has pride of place in my cat Percy’s catio, affectionately known as Percy’s Palace. 

Percy loves to use it for sunbathing on the steps and hiding from the birds.  

I’ve tried to get some decent photos for you but Percy tends to run towards me when I come into the catio.  Also these were taken before his daily eye cleaning.

I’ve got 2 more kittens on the way so your tower will be much loved and used for many years to come. 


Yea, the tree is perfect!  My cats love it and use it loads.  Here are some pictures!

Love your products, thank you 😊 

Hi David,

Thanks for your email. They all love it and I am very pleased with the build quality! 



Hi David
It was lovely to meet you and Vicky and to put faces to your names. I hope your journey home wasn't too bad.
Glad we didn't have a bet as to which one would be first to investigate, as I would have lost!! You were quite correct it was Billy-Whizz. Now it's been explored, he is, as always, dominating Gracie over the platforms. He is quite a bully to be honest. Wow managed to get several of them together.
The frame is beautifully made and I am taking your advice regarding maintenance. Look how many years the 4 tier has lasted without maintenance.
I am attaching a few photos.
Warm regards

Hi Dave 

Thank you for Ted's watch tower. 

Considering it took him nearly a year before he realised there was a comfy bed on top of his internal cat tree I thought it would be a while before he tackled the watch tower. On day one he totally ignored it. On morning of  day two he gave it a dismissive sniff. But, now in the evening of day two here he is surveying his kingdom. I knew he would love it.

A lovely sturdy structure, hopefully he will use the scratch posts rather than the door frame of his catio. 

One very happy customer 


All Aboard !!!! 

I Mean , Who Sits Backward On A Train !!!

Thank you for delivering our new tower on Sunday. The boys got to investigate on Monday afternoon once it finally stopped raining. Immediately all the little boys went to play. It seemed to be a race to the top between the two Tonks! Once they all calmed down jumping up and down it, our older boy Darcy got the chance to have a go. Now he's taken claim to it, we may have to rename ours Darcys den 🙂 He loves to sit on all the different levels and just sits smiling at the world. Although they haven't climbed up the long pole yet they love it just to scratch. All our boys say thank you so much they love it and are looking forward to the next one

Hi Dave and Vicky 

Thank you very much for delivering them today! Pluto and Bandit have been loving them :) 

Please find attached of the kitties playing already! 


Hi Dave,

Thank you again for delivering on a Sunday.

Two of the cats have already been exploiting, straight to the top looking into the garden next door!

Hi David,

Yes my cat Ben has given his approval. He of course doesn’t use it as intended. I thought he could lay inside when it rains and use the scratching post instead of my trellis. He thought he’d use the insure for playing, the top to sleep and scratch and mostly just ignore the scratching post altogether. Cats 🤷‍️😆

Hi David

Sorry for the late reply, the pyramid is perfect for the cats, Basil and Mille are both climbing on it, for some reason Gilly hasn't been on it yet.

See attached a photo of the 2 of them


Jo and Dave

my cats love the cat tree. I can't recommend it enough and will look at more of your products in the future for my garden.

friend of the page, Lauren , sent us these great AI Cartoon photo of her cat enjoying the high rise sally.

Hey David 

Howie and Hessie love it 🥰. I’m going to see how they get on over the winter and look at another order in the spring.  

Dear Dave
My new kittens just love Barney’s Penthouse!

Hi Dave  

The cats love the tree and enjoy their time outdoors with the frame.