Welcome to the 6th !! Page of customers photos.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to send us photos

 Hi David

I meant to send these photos back in September when my cats were outside in their run enjoying their cat towers in the sunshine.  At that time I had my two female Siamese, Skye and her daughter Sophie, and Sophie's kitten Tom.  Tom went to his new home in October when he was four months old.  While he was waiting for his new owners to return from holiday he enjoyed climbing and chasing the others on the Royal Mews and hiding in the den.  One of the cats' favourite games is when I hide things, like feathers or string, in the den.  You can see Tom playing with a pheasant feather.  They really enjoy their climbing towers but sadly, like many other cats I guess, are missing time outside because of daily heavy rain.  Let's hope we get dry weather soon and some sunshine!

Best wishes

Dear David

I would just like to say how delighted I am with the cat tree - and more importantly, so are Thea and Myrrh! Thea was up it in a flash before I had even removed all the packaging. She regards it as hers and Myrrh is relegated to the second tier. It really is quite amusing watching the (friendly) battle for supremacy. It is very well made and it was money well spent. I have attached a photo of Thea star-gazing on the day it arrived. They are beautiful (Rydalmaine) Maine Coons who only go out in the garden as we have a cat fence. The tree adds interest for them and it is their 'go to' place as soon as they get in the garden. Many thanks and kind regards

 Hi David, 

Thank you so much for the tower, so well packed and undamaged.  As you already know, while we were unpacking it, our 2 small blind kittens were already investigating, it is now in it's final resting place, in the cat's conservatory and already been adopted by the remainder of our 17 rescue cats (yes, seventeen, it's not a typing error).

The first photo shows Princess in the top box and she spends most of her time up there, Spook is the black 3 legged cat, Gizmo on the bottom - he's our other blind cat.  Also in the photo is Smokie our one-eyed colourpoint BSH, one of our old ladies, Fuss and Dobbie, the blue/white BSH.

The second photo, the first to investigate it were the British Short Hairs - Ollivander in the top box, with Darcy who is a tabby DSH, Ollivander's brother Dobbie and one-eyed Smokie on the bottom.

Gizmo (the blind cat), finds it particularly interesting because he can move up and down the different levels without any problems.

With 17 rescues (and Chris Marshall bringing us another blind cat in December) our babies have a room, a conservatory which has a cat flap leading into a large cat run which goes up into the garden.  We are now thinking of asking you to design a cat play area for the outside pen, but maybe this will be after Christmas.  We will look at your other designs and let you know which would be most suitable, for both the disabled and able bodied cats.

Again, thank you so much for the tower, a great design, well built - it has given a lot of pleasure to our cats.
Elicia & Kevin

 from Michelle 


Here's the little rascal Taco in and on Horatio's House.

Rafa doesn't really go out at the moment but when he does and goes on it I

From Elicia and kevin

2 blind kittens are the first to investigate within minutes of it being unpacked. More photos to follow!

 Stuart, got in touch, as he was a bit short on space in him enclosure, but wanted to get in as much as we could for his cats enjoyment. we came up with a "mash up" of a 3 ft stepper with a harries hang out, plus a 5ft cat poll. I think you will agree it looks great, and the cats love it. we are thinking of adding it to the web site, just need to think of a name



The kits are just loving it!!

Many thanks

 Hi Dave - thank you for the cat climbing tower that we took delivery of this morning - Tigerlily was already on it within 15 minutes of it being unpacked - so well build I think she will enjoy this for many years to come - thank you again - Nick


Jill contacted us to build a custom castle for her large cats, once the frame was made and delivered; she was so happy she put another order in immediately for a custom 4 tier.

As you can see, the 2 frames have been very well received

 Thank you for the climbing frame... As you can see they already love it =)



Introducing the famous

Mylynn Magnifique, enjoying a well earned retirement  

at the top of his new 4 tier out door cat frame., well at least he was until , well the photos tell the story.

Beau is the one that gets usurped from the top level. His show name is
UK Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Premier Mylynn Magnifique. Teddy, the black smoke, is Imperial Grand Premier Mylynn Magicnoir.

Thanks for the photos and kind words Karen 

 Coco and Hugo received their new outdoor cat climbing frame the other day and they love it.  It arrived as promised and was expertly packed for shipping.  It is light weight enough to manage but extremely sturdy for the cats to use.  Within minutes of it's arrival it was in use by both cats.  Unlike other climbing frames that get wet and fall apart - this one will be perfect for our outdoor cat run.  A highly recommended product and a great company to deal with.  

Thank you very much from Coco and Hugo.  


Vicky got in touch with us on the advice of Vicky Alhadeff from http://www.happydogsandcats.co.uk/ looking to help her cats settle in to their new home.

As you can see they are loving there new frame.

 'My first impression of the frame when it arrive was wow, the quality of the build and materials is first class, so impressed I have ordered another frame.  Definitely will be recommending you'.

 Hi, our 2 cats loved climbing tower from day one, we are often complemented
on it.

 Some pictures of Jinx and Janie using the cat tower!

They love it and are already using it to get in and out of the window as we'd hoped!

Many thanks again

Andrina & Fred had a watch tower a few years ago from us for Fred,

After the years and a house move it is still looking great and in daily use.

Thanks for the photo.



Tonight we was delighted to find a email from Graham & Marilyn, to owners of the first Royal mews. They chose the great name, can you see how proud they are of the name?

They have had the frame over a year and a half, it is used every day, and looks as good as new.

As you can see Max and Tiffany are loving the frame.


In our it’s on the way email, we like to ask for feedback from our customers, am many of you will know who have received a frame from us. We are always grateful for it, and it has helped us improver over the years, we received this morning, and it just made our day, we just had to share

Good morning David

During the more than 20 years we were breeding Burmese and Asians, I hate to think how many different climbing frames we have bought. In all that time I cannot recall any that were as well built, or well packed, as the one we received on Monday. If any of the 5 other climbing frames die before we do, I will certainly re-order from you without a moment's hesitation.

I would also commend your delivery firm, despite the fact the driver arrived before 8AM, as he carefully carried the massive parcel into our back garden for us. At more than 80 I would have found it difficult to lift the parcel.

My only suggestion is that in your pre-delivery paperwork you recommend that those that need to unpack one of your parcels should ensure they have a Stanley knife with a NEW blade.

With very best wishes and grateful thanks

Sue and Francis


Hi David

Thank you for another beautiful stand.

I was waiting for better weather to take nice photos but it is still raining! So I attach some rainy ones now and will.hopefully sent you a sunny one soon! Our cat Pushkin loves the stands and he is dashing between the three of them. Thank you so much

 Please feel.free to add photos to your website. 

And it won't be our last order!  

 Gr Pr Hurtlepuss Kipling and Fluffy surveying they domain from the top of their new 4 tier frame

 Our cat tower arrived yesterday and, as you can see, Enzo & Boris are already enjoying lazing in the sun this evening. Great product, really well made & excellent customer service - thank you!

The Castle:

We have just made our 4th purchase and we cannot be more delighted, and neither can our cats !

This time we went for `The Castle` and no sooner it was placed in the garden our cats were sniffing and then climbing in it in no time.

There are several largish laying areas that are particularly good for our older Maine Coons for them to laze in the sun and contemplate life as they seem to do !

Even our tortoises love them and sleep in the “Harry’s Hang out” in the summer time. We had several frames for over 3 years now and they still very good and the inside stays dry and do not leak as they are very well built. 

As usual the service was prompt (before due time) and David even delivered it himself.

We really couldn’t be happier customers, in this age of flimsy customer service Cat Climbing Towers really stand out and in comparison to chain pet store prices they are really are also very price competitive.

Highly recommended.

Adrian and Jacqueline


Thank you for the professional service.

I received my cat tower yesterday.

I was impressed how well rapped it was allowing it to survive the journey in perfect condition.  The post itself is of good construction and overall I am well happy with it. My 7 month old Maine Coons Jenny and Teddy love it too as they have a great view of the birds safe in next doors tree.


Hi, the tree arrived 25 minutes ago. I've unpacked it and put it in the catio. Both of my cats have already explored it! It's wonderful and so strong. Gibbs and Sky exploring


Thanks so much.


Dear Cat Climbing Towers,

Just to say many many thanks for the two items I bought from you,
Harry's Hang Out, and the Four Tier with play cave.  I had them when
I was in London W14, and brought them with me when I moved
and they have been a real boon.  After a bit of doubt, both cats have
taken to them.  Especially so with Rufus, who was always difficult,
emotional, temperamental, semi-feral.  The Four Tier has really tamed
him, and pleased him.  I put a piece of carpet in the top space, and
he spends hours there, often snoozing.  In the old days he was
distrustful, and spent most of the time out of sight in a neighbour's
garden.  So now there's much less to worry about, and one happy
(-ish) cat.

Many thanks.



A great photo of a 3 tier with 4 cats enjoying it.

Thanks for shearing Regina

 Both sox and sooty have been playing and relaxing in their new cat tower, so thank you


A well weathered 3 tier, blending in with the shrubbery and looking great with Mabel on top, Mack in the middle, Husky on the bottom. Still loving the frame after years of use.

Thank you Lynda for the photo.

 This is Magic, looking cute on her tunnel/tree. Has loads of fun on it.

 Just a big thank you for the 2 cat towers. My cats are really enjoying them now and u really wish I'd ordered a third - if you have to come to this area again at any time, please let me know and I may do so!

I attach photo of the guys exploring their new amusements.



From Karen

Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that Minxie and Max are really enjoying their climbing frame