Many of our customers send us their photos, and some are happy for us share them with you.

To each of them. Thank you.


this is tina from

cat, enjoying his new royal mews


I have been meaning to e mail you to say how much our cats love the climbing tower that we brought for them, I have attached a picture of Rosie on the top, little Toffee in the cave and walking towards you can just see is Rolo, we are looking forward to the summer when they spend lots of time in the garden and they can play all day.

 Louise and Fred got in touch with us after they decided to build an enclosure to keep their 3 lovely cats (Cheska, Spencer and Millie‏) safe from the road.

sadly it was a little late, as one of the cats had been injured by a car, (glad to say she is making a great recovery). but they contacted us after seeing the horatio house build for a 3 legged cat. after a bit of a chat we was able to pick the right frames to keep all of her fur babies happy.

with 2 different versions of the horatio's house and a 4 tier, there is a little something for everyone.

 Ordered a cat tree about two months ago and Roxy would like to give her seal of approval!

Her brother Ollie likes the cat cave as we call it....all nice and protected from the rain on the lower tier...


Becky told us the royal mews was the best thing she has brought for her fury baby's.

 I thought you'd like to know that he took to it like a duck takes to water. Up until now all his travels to the top were at night so I couldn't get a photo, but with a treat or two he was happy to pose during the daylight for me to get these snaps. 

Thought you might like this picture of Miss Lily demonstrating the scratching facilities!
Thank you for your friendly and efficient service, and a wonderful sturdy product. It needs to be with two large moggies and a Maine Coon using it regularly

 I've been waiting to get some pictures of Basil (my tabby) using the sky ladder. My other cat Boris uses it all the time but Basil tends to use it mainly as a ladder to get to the higher part of the enclosure. We're very pleased with the sky ladder and can see it's well made. So a big thank you...and who knows we may get something else later on...perhaps the watch tower... The cats absolutely love it and spend most of their time outdoors in the enclosures


Thank you ever so much for our new tower!! The cats absolutely love it! 
Kind regards,


Thanks again for excellent service and a great product.

I attach some photos of some of our foster cats and kittens As you can see there are no territorial issues as far as the tower is concerned!

  just wanted to send over these pictures. Tilly spent all of that night on and in the climbing frame!
Unsure yet whether to put it outside or maybe leave till after the winter!


Just unwrapped the giant cat tree and put it in the pen (our cats have a 2x2m run to keep them safe).  It's fantastic – they both started climbing it right away.  I'd recommend this to anyone – it's a fantastic, sturdy product and absolutely value for money.  Thank you so much!

See Izzy (brindle) and Jimmy (grey) enjoying their new toy!

 The idea now is to link all three units.    She loves them all!

Thank you from both of us!


At last I can send you a couple of pictures of Hannah (Cat) using the outdoor frame. She loves it and is always on it. Even during the horrendous weather we had between Xmas and February. She loves hiding in the cave during the rain – she ‘defends’ her territory very well indeed

 Harry, Voldemort and ginger kitten Ron were climbing all over the frame as soon as they saw it. They are house cats with access to the garden so they haven't done too much climbing before, but they soon got the hang of it. The frame looks lovely in my garden and is really well made. Thank you so much! I am now wondering if I can fit another one in?! We may need it once we adopt a Hermione!


a custom 5 tier making an interesting centre peace / claiming frame

 Our cats love them! We were happy to get up early this morning and not lie in so we could see them enjoy the cat posts once we'd let our cats out. I've attached a photo of Kali our rescue cat who has bad arthritis in her front legs and spine enjoying the 5 tier this morning. She can climb it easily. It's given her a new look on the world outside and she's very happy. She's only 11 years old so she's too young to be stuck on the ground as naturally she's a tree dweller.


Thank you so much for Ozzy's tower it is wonderfully made and he seems to love it. It was meant as a sanctuary for him from our puppy, but as you will see from my second picture, that may not exactly pan out as expected

This photo is of Midnight, who is a very old boy at 18, and who manages to climb to the top of the 4-tier without any problems, even though he is very limited now days in what he can climb up on and cannot jump up on anything at all anymore.  He loves to sit on the top in the sun and survey the garden.


 This picture is of Bella, who is a very shy cat and who loves to be up as high as possible, away from her boisterous brother.  She loves it up at the top of the Sky Tower and spends all day up there - and it has also given her easy access to the top of the shed and the garage roof which is a bonus


Here is Grand Master Cat Jaxsen On the top, Hudson at the bottom and Ellis at the side enjoying their new harries hang out. They love it so much they nagged their mom in to getting them a Royal Mews frame!

 It has arrived and its great thank you, Hattie is out now bird watching

 Thank you so much it's perfect............ 

One of the younger ones has already been on it.


we was contacted by Marianne from B.A.R.K.S  to supply a royal mews, to help keep a difficult to adopt cat, "barney" entertained in his pen. we was more than happy to help out.

once we had fitted the frame in to the pen, barney was let out, although he was a little unsure at first, he was soon exploring his new out door frame.


thank you for the cupper Marianne, and the lovely chat, it was great to meet you and your fury clan.

Adopt a pet from B.A.R.K.S.!
Banbury Animal Rescue & Kindness Service



enjoying a snooze on his royal mews


the email said


" I think they like it"


says it all really


Arrived safe and sound thank  you and as you can see from the picture my girls are having a good look at their new toy!
Thank you very much

 Thanks so much for my latest climbing frame. Chloe and Morris totally love it

a boring balcony, made in to a room with a view, with plenty to keep the new arrivals entertained

 not only does it look fantastic in our new garden but our two beautiful Bengals, Asia (snow spotted) and Cosmo (brown spotted), loved it from the moment it was unpacked.  So far, it has been great for lounging in the sun, admiring the garden together from on high and bird spotting.